Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this
May 28, 2020

Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

By lovethefunny

Putting bonsai in the kitchen is the first choice of modern families today. Everybody seems to know the greenery effect on human life in general and the life of each of us in our house in particular. However, in your kitchen, which plants can be grown, please find out in the article below.

Decorative plants in the kitchen

Kitchen space is characterized by high temperatures, gas, smoke, smell, humidity also high and often lack of light. Placing plant pots in the kitchen requires careful attention to choosing to suit this condition. Green plants in the kitchen besides decorative effects also help to deodorize, balance moisture, enhance fresh oxygen and reduce stress for housewives effectively.

Is it really difficult to grow plants in the kitchen space?

The kitchen is always regarded as a quite cozy place if meals are often cooked and enjoyed here. Cooking often involves gas, fire, smoke, making it the flammable place in a house. To avoid fire and entanglement, large, dense trees and vineyards shouldn’t be grown. 

Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

Growing too dense trees easily makes the kitchen stuffy, entangled

Simultaneously, cooking can make fire and release heat, which negatively affects the plants or even wilt and kill them. As a result,  it’s difficult to plant in the kitchen. With such a limited space and difficult conditions, you should only plant small trees, place them away from the stove and avoid breaking them.

On the other hand, cooking will make the kitchen smoky, smelly, greasy, which can affect the growth and development of plants. However, there are still a number of species such as peppermint and rosemary that can solve this problem, as they are readily fragrant and quite easy to live. 

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Is it possible to plant feng shui trees in the kitchen?

Feng shui experts say that the kitchen is an extremely important place. Thats why people often choose the kitchen direction, the date and time of placing the stove, make an offering and pray for Kitchen Gods on every 23rd December before Lunar New Year. They believe that good feng shui will determine the health and finance conditions of family members, especially business people.

To contribute to increase positive energy for the kitchen, people choose to grow feng shui bonsai. The decision to choose what kind of tree, place according to which the layout depends on the feng shui of each person.

Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

Colors of feng shui trees in the kitchen

The colors of feng shui trees in the kitchen must also adhere to the principle of choosing colors according to each fate of the Five Elements (Metal – Wood- Water- Fire – Earth). Simultaneously, it is encouraged to choose plants with fresh colors such as ornamental perilla, tulips, red leaf flowers, … Plants should be placed on the dining table to increase the coziness, to stimulate visual to promote appetite, and to be more suitable with feng shui kitchen.

Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

Placing some pots at the dining table will increase the appetite

However, if your kitchen is in too warm colors (such as red, yellow, orange), you should also turn to plants with more elegant and softer colors to balance. The most suitable trees is probably a spider plant or Australian native monstera. 

How to arrange feng shui trees in the kitchen? 

Typically,  kitchens hardly have windows. However, some kitchens are designed windows to catch the wind and sunshine. The layout of bonsai in the kitchen will more or less depend on the direction of the door, to bring the best feng shui meaning.

  • TheEastsidee can welcome the sunlight early, which is pretty good for the houses. Therefore, it is bright enough to plant small trees to help them grow up and prevent sunlight from coming to the room.
  • The Westside is full of strong and intense sunlight in the afternoon, causing heat and discomfort. It can be decorated with flowers such as narcissus flower, or big tree-like fiddle-leaf fig to block the sunlight.
  • In the South, it is necessary to put buds and fortune trees like pothos or aglaonema red, to reduce the trend of spending money and wasting family assets.
  • Trees in the north should be brightly colored and warm to increase vitality for the room.

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Suggest 5 Types of plants to grow in the kitchen

Edible trees

In the special room full of food and drink like that, should we take advantage of the available ingredients? The leftovers of some vegetables and tubers that we cook daily can be used to make beautiful little gardens right in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

Cilantro, scallions, and cilantro can all be grown in the kitchen

With just a small glass of water, eggshell, bottle, and a little soil, you can grow everything right there. From ginger, turmeric, onions, garlic, lemongrass, half sweet potato to the excess roots of cilantro, scallions. You even can grow lemon, tomato, chili, … at your own kitchen.

Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

Tomato, basil or onion, garlic can all be grown in the kitchen

These plants not only make the room more vividly but can also be used for cooking. This is amazing, isnt it!


It is suitable to plant some mild aromatic herbs such as peppermint, lavender, rosemary, perilla in the kitchen to deodorize and bring a sense of relaxation. 

Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

Easy-to-live plants

Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

Aloe is the perfect choice for kitchen plants

Because it is difficult to grow trees in the kitchen, just strong vitality trees can survive in this space. We can mention some easy-to-live species such as aloe, pothos, spider plant, or peace lily. 

Air purification tree

Sometimes, the kitchen is too stifling because of smells, so it is necessary to plant trees that can purify the air here. Some plants not only absorb carbon dioxide, but also filter the gas and toxic gases from the detergents for your home. Some examples are peace lily, fern, snake plant, pothos and ivy.

Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

Fragrant and colorful plants

Peppermint, goldcrest, rosemary, lavender, basil, … are just medium scented plants that can purify the air, reduce stress, increase joy and repel insects (mosquitoes) from your kitchen.

Trees absolutely should not be planted in the kitchen

Some ornamental plants can filter the air quite well, have beauty and positive meaning in feng shui. However, their stems, flowers, leaves, or sap are toxic so they cannot be grown in the kitchen. They belong to the Dieffenbachia (such as dumb cane), Clivia, Azaleas, Oleander, Crown-of-thorns, Anthurium Tailflower.Kitchen Plants, Top 5 kitchen plants and things to know about this

Trees that are easy to lose their leaves, flowers like Lucky Bamboo, Wrightia, or plants with sharp thorns such as Cactus should not be planted in confined spaces like the kitchen. 

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