Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020
May 28, 2020

Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

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Knives – always one of the most essential and versatile tools. Buying high-quality, safe, and durable knives safety for long-term use is the consideration of many housewives today. You dont need to buy all the specialized knives because homemakers just need to equip several knives used in the familys kitchen. However, you should choose kitchen knives based on brand quality, safety. Lets refer to Top 8 kitchen knives brands in the world below!

Zwilling knives

For connoisseurs of home appliances, all know that Germany is home to some of the highest quality kitchenware brands in the world. From Zwilling, Fissler, WMF to Elo … are the well-known names in the market. Both Fissler and WMF own high-quality knives, but no brand can produce professional knives such as Zwilling – Cutlery brand with nearly 300 years of history in the world. Today, Zwilling has 1200 factories and 1500 stores worldwide, distributing the most advanced and diversified cutlery products from Germany.

Why the Zwilling knife set from Germany is one of Top 8 best kitchen knives brands?


  • Zwilling J.A Henckels uses the three most common steels in the production of its knives and scissors. 
  • Special carbon stainless steel: Made exclusively for Zwilling by ThysenKrupp, the component ratio is one of the brands top secrets.
  • Cronidur 30: The type of steel used in aerospace engineering, has a hardness of 60HRc, very high corrosion resistance (100 times more than standard steel).
  • MC66: A solid steel powder (66 HRc).

Therefore, the Zwilling knives from Germany are the world-class hardest, corrosion-resistant, rust-proofing, stable blade balance, and excellent durability.

  • Manufacturing technology: With forming techniques from a single piece of steel, the exclusive forging technology SIGMAFORCE is a combination of temperature and pressure, helping the blade to achieve perfect quality, hardness, strength, flexibility, and durability over time. It also promotes lasting sharpness. Zwillings FRIODUR® blade shearing technology goes through four stages of heat treatment, so Zwilling blades have excellent hardness, high elasticity, and outstanding abrasion resistance.

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Some of the best-selling Zwilling knife sets are listed below:

Zwilling Fourstar Block 7Pcs: It is one of the best quality and most favored knives today; prices range from $260 to $304 for 1 set including; PP plastic handle; Hardness 57HCR; 15 ° blade amplitude on each side.

Zwilling Twin Gourmet Block 6Pcs: Zwilling knives are evaluated as diverse designs and leading popularity today; The price ranges for this set about $173-$217 for a set; ABS plastic handle; Hardness 57HCR; 15 ° blade amplitude on each side.

Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

Zwilling Knives

 F.Dick Knife (Germany)

Friedrich Dick is the leading quality knife manufacturer in Germany, impressing customers with high-quality standards, innovative products, and comprehensive services. By using the most advanced scientific methods and rigorous quality control procedures, F.Dick knives are the first choice for homemakers as well as professional chefs. Professional chefs around the world know over 230 years old, F.Dick knife (Germany) as the leading brand in the field of knives and specialized tools for food processing. The global reputation is built on perfection and longevity.

The knife is forged from a single piece of steel, creating the perfect balance from weight to shape. The handle of the smartly designed knife feels comfortable to use. On the other hand, this handle is handled to ensure food safety and to keep the blade very strong through special manufacturing techniques so food or liquid can not get into the area between steel and plastic.


  • Thanks to unique manufacturing technology, the blades and handles are sealed together without any cracks or openings. Unlike knives with conventional handles, tiny pieces and water cannot get into the handle of the F Dick knife.
  • Knives are made of steel with hardened, abrasion and scratch-resistant technology
  • Each knife is sharpened by hand.
  • The blade and the handle are closed together without any gaps.
  • No surface oxidation when honed
  • Kitchen knives 15cm Fdick
  • Fruit knife 8cm 46072 FDICK

Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

FDICKKitchen Knife 15 cm

Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

46072 FDICK Fruit knives 8 cm

 Wusthof Knife

For each homemaker in addition to cooking the dishes of the familys taste, the aesthetics of the dishes are equally important. To meet the needs of homemakers, choosing a knife is essential. Well-known German brand established in 1814, Wusthof has set the standards for the design and manufacture of its knives. Manufactured by a team of highly skilled workers, the Wusthof products are both of the best quality and environmentally friendly at two facilities in Solingen, Germany. The symbol was registered at the Berlin Patent Office in early 1895.

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Typical products of Wusthof are knives, scissors, sharpening tools. Knives are made from high carbon stainless steel.

  • The knife products are manufactured by skilled workers, 
  • Not only is it made from high-quality chrome steel, but the Wusthof knife (Germany) is also coated with anti-corrosion ceramic coating to protect the tongue from scratches. Born in 1814, until now, it has produced more than 350 different knives, meeting all the needs of homemakers.
  • Knife products made from 18/10 stainless steel high carbon content for superior durability. No rust to create safety for consumers health.
  • Knife molded into a block, balance the force when slicing comfortably handle.
  • The handle is smartly designed, supporting the entire knife, comfortable to hold, not tired. Made from high-quality plastic so it wont rust when cleaning, three rivet pins make sure the hilt becomes much stronger.
  • With special design and innovative forging techniques and consistent quality, the product has won awards of many of the most prestigious design competitions in the world.

Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

Wusthof Knives

Kyocera ceramic knife series (Japan)

Compared to regular knives on the market, ceramic knives seem special and have received a lot of attention in recent years. Thanks to the high-quality ceramic material specially processed thanks to the skillful hands of Japanese artisans, the product has a long life. It always retains the most natural and delicious taste of foods. This is why people love it, and the use of ceramic knives has become popular all over the world. Kyocera ceramic knives (Japan) are the pinnacle of sophisticated technology. This is a revolutionary product in the industry of manufacturing super sharp knives with a harder feature than steel (thanks to the use of a high-tech ceramic whose hardness is second only to diamond), rustless.

  • Material: premium ceramic blades in Japan, made from Zirconia 206, the hardest and strongest material in the premium ceramic line. The constituent element of high-class ceramic is formed in nature over thousands of years of crystallization under high temperature and pressure. That crystallization creates a pure, solid material that has a hardness only after diamonds.
  • Durability and sharpness: Thin blades create more force. Clean, accurate, less force cutting. Super-premium ceramic blades maintain 10 times the sharpness of high-carbon alloy steel knives.
  • Food safety and hygiene: Kyocera ceramic knives are chemically inert, so they do not affect the appearance or taste of the dish. With a smooth and perfectly polished surface, Kyocera ceramic knives will not be corroded due to spices and grease. Besides, high-end Kyocera ceramic knives are easy to clean, just need to wash and dry.
  • Super lightweight compared to other knives. Kyocera ceramic knives are the perfect complement to slicing vegetables and meat (boneless), sliced ​​thin, and require high precision over a long period of time.

Due to the inert properties of the manufacturing materials, knives do not retain the taste of food during processing. Therefore, the dishes always ensure food safety, keep the purity, keep the flavor and not get impurities.

Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

KYOCERA FKR color life

 Fissler Kitchen Knives

Fissler GmbH prides itself on being the leading brand of high-end kitchenware products made in Germany for more than 170 years, renowned for its precision in craft, superior in utility and style, along with the Smart design with German standard. All Fissler products help make your cooking easier

Founded in 1845 by Carl Philipp Fissler, the company has written its success story for over 170 years. Experience accumulated through generations, high technology, perfection in the production process, along with great creativity – is the mainstay of success. But above all, Fisslers success is kitchen utensils, with functions and designs that are continually improved to fit the needs of the customer, as well as meet a wide range of requests in the best way possible.

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Germany has long been famous for its high-quality, durable products as well as luxurious designs, especially for kitchenware. Most of Fisslers products are manufactured entirely in Germany, ensuring sophistication on every detail by the precision of modern machinery, which is rigorously tested from the first stage to the completion of the product. Highly qualified and experienced German engineers. Fissler is always transparent about the origin of the product, so products made in Germany will be engraved on the bottom of the pot “Made in Germany”.

Fissler is proud to be an expert in the field of high-class kitchen utensils, not only in Germany but also in the world. Fisslers products are extremely diverse, providing a full range of cooking utensils from pots and pans to knives, spoons, spoons. To cook a delicious meal, it is indispensable for the sharp knife to support the work. Your kitchen is more simple and fast. Fissler kitchen knives are a perfect choice for your family.

  • Fissler kitchen knives with a robust and sharp design and excellent quality bring precision and safety in use. Fissler kitchen knives with durable design, sharpness and excellent quality bring accuracy and safety while using 100% authentic made in Germany with over 170 years of experience
  • From the stage of the design reward, the selection of materials, through many stages until the completion of a Fissler product, it has gone through many rigorous quality control tests according to German standards – known as the tightening process. Tight, modern leading world.
  • Forged monolithic forging from the blade to the unique stainless steel handle X50CrMoV15. X50CrMoV15 stainless steel is a special steel for making knives because the addition of 0.5% carbon and 15% C-chrome, Molybdenum and Vanadium makes the steel super hard and when the knife is forged through heat and honed, the more Increasing the best anti-wear ability, helping to keep the sharpness for long time use. Forged from the blade to the handle hinge creates a seamless and firm knife, so there is no gap for bacteria to live, so the knife is hygienic.
  • Handles fit design, wrapped with non-slip fiberglass. Helps to grip, not slippery, ensuring convenience and high safety during use.
  • Fissler kitchen knives
  • Handles fit design, wrapped with non-slip fiberglass. Helps to grip, not slippery, ensuring convenience and high safety during use.

Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

Fissler Kitchen knives

Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

Handles fit design, wrapped with non-slip fiberglass. Helps to grip, not slippery, ensuring convenience and high safety during use.

 Global knife

GLOBAL knives were first manufactured in 1985 by Komin Yamada leader of Yoshikin Corporation, Japan. This knife is made of CROMOVA 18 steel (alloy of Molybdenum, Vanadium and Chromium) which is more resistant to rust and abrasion than other steels, up to 58 HRC hardness. Today, GLOBAL has more than 100 items and is appreciated by customers and professional chefs around the world. It is no coincidence that Globals knife has become the best-selling model among a number of other world-class Japanese knives.

  • Its knives are made from carbon steel – the same material as surgical knives used in medicine. The stainless blade, very hard, is baked in the furnace more than 1,000 degrees Celsius and is hand-crafted one by one so that the blade has the perfect bevel, sweetness. However, hard-edged blades are more difficult to sharpen than soft knives, so they often come with sharpening tools that match the specific design of Global knives, helping homemakers solve this. As a result, Globals knives are both hard and sharp, do not rust and unhygienic, and are user friendly.
  • A distinctive feature of the Global knives is the monolithic metal design from blade to handle. Metal handle is good against bacteria, easier to clean than the plastic handle, and does not worry about mold like wooden handle. GLOBAL knives are the first in the world to have a hollow handle and sand inside. This feature allows us to reduce the weight of the blade by 30%.
  • The blade of the G – 5 knife is made of stainless steel Cromova 18 – a super hard steel in Japan (an alloy of molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium), hardness up to 58 HRC. Cromova 18 steel is more resistant to rust and abrasion than other steels. As a result, the Global G – 5 has a tough and sharp tongue surface, durable, anti-rust, and can resist dirty dirt.
  • Specially designed knives for each users needs. Very sharp blades make slices easier and save a lot of time.
  • The handle of the knife is specially designed to contain the sand inside, creating a balance of weight between the handle and the handle, providing maximum safety when used and resistant to sticking to food and food.

Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020


Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

GLOBAL knives are the first in the world to have an empty handle and sand inside

 Victorinox kitchen knife

With the mission, Victorinox is trying to provide all over the world with practical products, with functionality, reasonable prices, and top quality to bring you profound meanings of life, and it makes us enjoy the work we do, even more satisfying. Therefore, since 1884, Victorinox has given top priority to the quality and uses of its products. Victorinox has created an effective quality management system and focused on the production of pocket tools as well as household and professional knives.

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  • Victorinox – the pride of Switzerland – a famous brand, with a tradition of more than 100 years, leading the kitchen knife manufacturing industry, always favored by world-famous chefs. Victorinox manufacturing engineers have researched hundreds of knives suitable for industrial enterprises, food processing companies, seafood companies, restaurants, hotels, and families. A Victorinox knife is produced in 11 stages and lasts for 7 days.
  • For Victorinox products, from the tip, the blade, the handle is meticulously designed in every detail to serve the user best. The handle is made of a variety of materials, such as Rosewood, polypropylene, Fibrox, and Microban bactericidal resin; Ruggedly designed to ensure safety and durability when using. Therefore, the Victorinox knife not only stopped as a working tool but also became a work of art.
  • For all products, Victorinox applies a lifetime warranty.

Kitchen Knives brand, Top 8 Best kitchen knives brands in the world of 2020

Victorinox kitchen knife

 Kai kitchen knife

Also a brand product from Japan and originating from Japan, Kai wakatake kitchen knives have many different types, not sold in sets, so you can choose which products you like to buy once.

  • Knife material made of stainless steel, durable. The handle is made from Polypropylene, waterproof and durable, and designed in Japanese style. The school is beautiful but straightforward.
  • Kai kitchen knives have many different types, such as Kai Honoka or Kai wakatake. The knives are different in style, but the quality will not be much different.
  • Kai Is a big brand of kitchenware in Japan. And Kais knife is also a type of knife specifically for chefs. According to the research, the Kai Honoka knife is made from POM plastic, can withstand heat up to 140 degrees C. However, the price is also higher than the Wakatake type.
  • Kai kitchen knives are manufactured by a team of highly skilled Japanese workers. The stainless steel blade is high in carbon, providing superior strength, stiffness, and sharpness, making slices much easier and time-saving.
  • Easy-to-handle design, specialized for cutting food: The handle is reinforced with waterproof polypropylene plastic, intelligently designed, helping support the entire knife, giving you the freedom to hold the handle for a long time without being tired. The tip is designed to be sharp and long, used exclusively to cut food.

Depending on the needs, purposes, style of cooking, you choose a suitable set of kitchen knives. In addition, it is also very important that the design needs to fit your kitchen. And above all, the price of the product must also be suitable for your economic conditions. With 8 brands, make sure you choose the product you like.

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