Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020
May 29, 2020

Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

By lovethefunny

Tibe Tanuprising is sharing Top 9 must-have kitchen essentials that we think everyone should have in their home specifically in their kitchen. So lets just start right now!

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

Kitchen Essentials – Lemon Squeezer

When you’re buying these, try not to get the super cheap plastic ones because they will break. The great thing about a lemon juicer or citrus juicer is that you will get almost all the juice out of your lemon or fruit whatever you’re juicing. 

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

And it’s great for morning lemon water for cooking, salad and dressings. It’s convenient to have, and the best part is it keeps all your seeds from getting into your food. You don’t have to go and fish them out later.

Kitchen Essentials – Ice Cream Scoops

We have two sizes and a little one can be used for doing like energy balls. And the large one is used for pancakes or scooping in muffins and cupcakes into the tin tray. They make for whatever you’re making all the same size and of course, they’re suitable for ice cream.

And same thing when you’re buying these, don’t buy the cheap ones, invest a little bit a couple more dollars and they won’t break.

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

Kitchen Essentials – A Knife

You need multiple knives and there have a few here that we would suggest. 

Number one is a good chef’s knife and it doesn’t have to be a super fancy expensive knife. Just something that you’re going to use for most of your cooking. That’s comfortable. That’s a right size. Have a kind of medium size knife allow you go more substantial if you want. But something that’s going to be suitable for chopping up a lot of veggies, meat whatever you want.

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

A second knife is ceramic knives. Ceramic knives are good because when you’re chopping up fruit, it doesn’t oxidize your vegetables. If you’re cutting an apple and you notice it goes brown in a couple hours, we need to bring it to work or school.

That’s because you’ve oxidized it with metal from your knife. Eventually, it’s going to go brown anyways, but it will save it and make it stay white a little bit longer. I also like using it for chopping up my lettuce and stuff which will also kind of go brown if you’re storing them in the fridge.

They just come in handy, but they’re not as strong as say a metal knife. If you’re trying to cut it into like a butternut squash, you  should use the stainless steel knife instead. Handy to have, get yourself some good knives and learn how to sharpen them learn how to use them properly. 

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Kitchen Essentials – Baking Pans

You have a couple of different options. One of them here is a loaf pan and this is a significant one if you want to make banana bread or even make a homemade ice cream. You don’t have an ice cream maker. This is really good because you can layer it in before you freeze it. 

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

What else can you do? Meatloaf. Lots of different things you can do with a loaf pan. It’s one of those things once you buy it once like they’re going to last you forever. Other pans we would suggest are a cupcake or muffin tin pan. And of course, just a flat baking sheet or cookie sheet pan because you can roast up, make cookies on there

Kitchen Essentials – Silicone Baking Mat

It’s better for the environment. You’re not using parchment paper all the time and they’re effortless to clean. Whether you’re roasting or baking something, when you finish cooking and you move to the cleaning up part. All you have to do is just like what give it a wipe, wash it you can throw it in the dishwasher.

And you’re done. We have a few of them. They blasted us a very long time. They will hold up in your oven, they will not melt because they’re silicone. They also won’t leach anything into your food because they are silicone. So it’s not like plastic and in other materials so they’re safe to use with your food.

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

Kitchen Essentials – Measuring Cups

If you are looking to do any kind of baking, you have to have measuring cups. Otherwise you are just going to have flat cookies or things that don’t rise because baking is a science and to follow the rules. So we have a few different options here. 

The first one is a liquid measuring cup and they’re not the same. Some are for dry goods and others are for wet so it measures it better. You can see where it is when you’re pouring it in as soon as it hits the mark. It has been nozzles so you can pour it nicely. 

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

Talking about these for dry here. When it comes to measuring flowers and stuff, you don’t want just to go in there and scoop and pack it because you’re going to have too much flour. You want to take another spoon, fill it up and then level it out.

That way it’s not completely packed in but it’s filled. And that is the right amount of flour. If you ever find like you’re baking something are a little dry: cookies or muffins, it could because you’re over packing your flour and adding too much.

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

 Of course you’ll need some measuring spoons. These are essential for things like baking powder, baking soda, vanilla, extracting sea salt. All those things that you just need a little bit of and you can use dry and wet ingredients with these. Those are very important if you want to be a master baker or if you just want to bake something simple like banana bread

Kitchen Essentials – A Colander Or Strainer

Whatever you want to call them there’s a few different options. We have two kinds there. One type you would use for pasta washing stuff. It just has like the larger holes in it so it’s just for draining up the water. Then this fine sieve sieve – there’s so many names for this kind and it’s a remarkable gadget. If you’re ever making a one bowl banana bread, one bowl muffins, you can start by adding in your wet ingredients into one bowl and then add in all your dry here and sift them together. It will mix it as you are shifting into your bowl with the wet ingredients.

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

You use that a lot in your recipes that call for one bowl processing. If you wanted to get fancy and put some like whats called icing sugar on your desserts. This is also great if you didnt have a nut milk bag for making that nut and seed milks, you could use this because its pretty fine. It wouldnt take out all the pulp out of your almonds but it will give you a pretty good consistency for almond milk. It comes in handy so you can use it a lot. Moreover, theyre pretty inexpensive and they they help out with a lot of situations in the kitchen.

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Kitchen Essentials – Silicone Storage Bags

The best thing about these is theyre not just for storing. You can cook with them, use them to freeze things. They just come in handy and came out with these really attractive gemstone colors. You can cook chicken in here. You can just poach chicken, put it in here.

Put it in some boiling water and infuse it was like lemon and herbs. But mainly you use them for storing things. When we have like ends of bits different kind of foods that I dont want them to go bad, I would just store them in these silicone bags and use them later.

Theyre great for meal prepping, for bringing snacks with you if youre going hiking or road tripping. People also even use them for packing their toiletries on airplanes because they do not leak. 

Kitchen Essentials, Top 9 Must-have Kitchen Essentials in 2020

This seal is so airtight that sometimes you’ll have trouble opening them once you seal them. They come in a bunch of sizes too. They have small ones, large ones. Get them, try them you will forever love them.

Kitchen Essentials – Food Processor

A food processor is impressive because it most of them that will have attachments. You can chop, grate, process things with something that you don’t want to puree and blend. If you’re making energy balls, a dough or something you just want to combine it, a food processor is impressive. You don’t have to invest a lot of money into one. 

And we promise it will be worth it to have to find the space in your kitchen from one because it truly is an essential gadget in my kitchen. It is very different from a blender, and we just use it especially if you have to shred a ton of cabbage or veggies for a salad. You only need to pop everything in there, and you can make a shredded salad in minutes. It’s awesome!

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