Kitchen Essentials for food prep, Best Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency in 2020
May 29, 2020

Best Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency in 2020

By lovethefunny

There are so many different kinds of kitchen appliances out there. There are blenders, food processors, rice cookers, instant pots and juicers. Today, were going to discover the ones that we feel are essential. Were going to tell you why and then we go into some of our favorite kitchen tools and equipment things like pots and knives as well.

We’re gonna share two versions. One is usually a more powerful, higher performance version. And then we have a smaller more compact and usually more affordable version which is the one that you use at home. Tibe Tanuprising think they each have their own merits and downsides which is why we want to share both. Now lets get started: Best Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency in 2020

Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency – Blender

Kitchen Essentials for food prep, Best Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency in 2020

The first appliance were gonna cover is the trusty old blender. It is used to puree ingredients into a liquid form. Its especially used to make things like smoothies or salad dressings or nut milks. If you dont have an immersion blender, you can also usually use it to puree soups.

You can use the Vitamix since anyone whos owned Vitamix usually says they’re in love. The upsides to this one is for one just how powerful it is. It will crush anything including ice and frozen fruit or solid veggies into a pure uniform liquid consistency with no chunks to be found anywhere.

It has a huge capacity, it can blend up to two liters of liquid. The tamper is the stick that you can use to push things down when its a bit thicker that way you dont have to stop and scrape down the sides occasionally. All around the Vitamix is an incredible machine especially if youre looking for power and volume this has got you covered.

If youre finding something compact and affordable then we can recommend the Ninja Blender. This blender for the house is multifold. For one its super compact, it hardly takes up any room on the counter. If you were to look at it side by side for example to the Vitamix, you can see that.

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Its shorter and leaner, especially the base. Its also very reasonably priced especially considering what you get with it, which in our case was two different kinds of blenders and a food processor. The blending pitcher can also be popped off the base, you can replace the blades with a drinking lid and then take it with you to go.

Its been really handy for those mornings when youve been in a rush and you just want to take something and wholesome with you. Of all of the blenders, this one is actually the easiest to clean because the blades are easily accessible. 

All in all, I feel like the blender is just such an essential kitchen appliance, probably tied in first place with a food processor.

Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency – Food Processor

Kitchen Essentials for food prep, Best Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency in 2020

So the blender and the food processors look similar in that they have blades, they blend up certain ingredients. However, the blender is meant to blend things that are more liquid. The food processor blends things more labor-intensive and semi-solid.

These are, for example, making things like nut butters, almond butter or tahini. You can also make energy balls with it date and nut-based desserts like brownies or the base two granola bars. Its a really versatile machine.

You do want to be careful because when a recipe calls for a food processor, you usually do not want to use a blender because the blender needs liquid. If you add more solid foods to it like dates and nuts, not only is it probably not going to work, you also run the risk of breaking your blender in the process of trying. 

We’re going to share three food processors with you today. The first one being this Philips brand. It is affordable but its not super high quality. A while ago, we switched to using the Magic Mix. Like the Vitamix, it is powerful.

We made almond butter in it the other day and it took half the time as our previous food processor did. And its a lot more quiet as well. Another perk to this guy is that it has three separate compartments depending on the volume of the things that you want to blend. 

For example, the smaller compartment you could use to chop things like onions or to make salsa. Then the bigger compartment you could use to make things like nut butters. It also comes with these accessory components that you can then use to quickly shred things like carrots or beets or cabbages that you can then use in salads or nourish rolls.

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Its really handy for food prep if you want to shred a whole bunch of things all at once in just a few seconds. Like the Vitamix, it is on the pricier side but there are different models and they set at different price ranges depending on what youre looking for. The other thing you might want to consider is that it does take up a considerable amount of counter space. 

At home, you can use the Ninja Food processor which again came together as a unit with the blender. On the upside, its compact and its affordable. On the downside, it is be  small in terms of capacity and its not as powerful as the Magic Mix like. Namely you just use it at home to make a small batch of hummus each week. 

If we could summarize, we definitely recommend a food processor as much if not maybe even more than a blender. We would recommend going for higher wattage whenever you can because it does mean its gonna be a bit more powerful at blending things like nuts and seeds. We think you should invest in getting a good one once because then youre gonna use it for years and its gonna make your life in the kitchen so much more enjoyable and easy.

Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency – Hand Blender 

Kitchen Essentials for food prep, Best Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency in 2020

Next up is the hand blender. Theyre almost the same in terms of functionality and price. How it works is that theres three components to this. One component is usually the immersion blender which is what we namely use to puree soups. One other component that could come with it is a whisk which weve used to make things like our coconut width. Finally is the mini food processor to make things like salad dressings or pestos or creamy guacamoles. 

The benefits to this thing is like this all in one device with these three features. Its super useful across the board. Its really small and hardly takes up any space. Its also easy to clean especially if you dont want to clean this huge food processor when you only need to make a small amount of something.

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The whole set for the most part tends to be affordable no matter where you find it. When it comes to downsides, honestly we cant think of anything. We definitely recommend these.

Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency – Summary of Appliances

This is pretty much all we have in terms of appliances: a blender, a food processor and a hand blender. Three things are pretty minimal. However, we also know that its really person-to-person specific. Some people swear by their rice cookers, airfryer juicers or instant pots. Its just that these three things are all that weve needed for now. 

Weve covered our three kind of key appliances, there are a couple other key kitchen equipment pieces that we get lots of questions about. Lets briefly chat about them.

Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency – Dutch Oven

Kitchen Essentials for food prep, Best Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency in 2020

This is dutch oven. Its really versatile. It can be used on both the oven and in the stovetop it has a nonstick base which is really nice. We use it to make pastas, curries and soups.  No matter what color you get for it on the outside, the inside is always a light colour so its really easy to tell if something is burning or not.

Given that it is cast-iron, it holds in heat really well. One thing to consider that its heavy and the handles can get hot. Those two things in combination can make it tricky to handle sometimes. Another thing to consider is that it is a bit pricier but we think its so worth it it comes with a lifetime warranty. Its just one of those pots you know is going to last you for years.

Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency – Knife

Kitchen Essentials for food prep, Best Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency in 2020

You’ll be happy with it sharp good quality knives. The chefs knife is used for cutting vegetables and nuts and the paring knife for cutting things like fruits. The chefs knife was made in Kyoto Japan. Its super sharp. It cuts through everything like butter. It is a steel knife so it does rust over time. However, if you clean it and keep it dry then its okay. 

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The paring knife is really sharp with amazing quality but it can also rust. So we have this three-piece knife set. Its from global and this one is stainless steel so its not going to rust like the other ones. They are also really good quality with affordable price and they really get the job done.

If youre interested, you might also want to consider getting a really good knife sharpener because when youre cutting vegetables. sharp knives make all the differences.

Kitchen Essentials for food prep and Efficiency – Honourable Mentions

There are a few other kitchen tools that we think deserve honourable mentions just because we use them. Theyre key players in all of our food prep. These are things like the coffee grinder which we actually use to grind seeds and spices. Theres of course measuring cups and spoons spatulas both wooden and silicone ones, the good old garlic crusher, cutting boards, some spice jars, mason jars and especially airtight containers for storage. 

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