Kitchen cart, Top 5 Best Kitchen Cart must-have of 2020
May 28, 2020

Top 5 Best Kitchen Cart must-have of 2020

By lovethefunny

Carts and islands are a must-have in the kitchen. We all know that for some kitchen cabinets and countertops arent enough to hold all our kitchen essentials, hence the creation of kitchen carts and islands.

Not only does it serve as a holder of all equipment but it also functions in preparing and serving meals. A kitchen carter island is basically equipped with wheels to make delivery of meals easier. No need to manually hold them which could put you at risk, especially when serving soup or hot meals.

Therefore, today we bring you the top 5 kitchen carts and islands fit for you whether you need the best of the best or the most affordable option, we will relay all the best items for you

Derry Stone Top Mixed material kitchen cart island from threshold

Kitchen cart, Top 5 Best Kitchen Cart must-have of 2020

Bearing a brown finish, this kitchen cart carries a simple design. It can blend well with any kitchen interior. If youre going to expand your countertop, then this is an excellent item for you. It features its solid hardwood construction and the stone tabletop. The foundation which supports the hardwood and stone tabletop is a metallic frame hence the durability of the product.

It aims to deliver versatility and long term usage. The stone tabletop is believed to be a great surface for cooking and meal preparations. It weighs 169 pounds, which is definitely heavy for a kitchen cart.

This cart can also function as a table for preparing snacks for your houseguests. There are extra storage spaces where you can place kitchen essentials. Its composed of one shelf and two door drawers. The wheels are great for mobility and easy access.

However assembly requires two people as the stone tabletop is a bit heavy. However assembly is just like a walk in the park if you follow the manual carefully and getting started should only take about two hours tops. Although heavy, it assures durability and long term use

The HODEDAH import kitchen island with spice rack and towel rack in chocolate finish.

Kitchen cart, Top 5 Best Kitchen Cart must-have of 2020

 This kitchen island has a lot of functions to offer. It features a three shelf spice rack that covers the height of the unit. Theres a dedicated drawer for storing dinnerware and utensils. Also, theres a cabinet space that you can place the pots pans or any small kitchen appliance.

It carries a simple yet stylish design with dark chocolate wood finish combined with a light gray wood top. Its ideal for homes with cottage or traditional interiors. This kitchen cart and island are offered in various finishes consider choosing one that complements your interior.

The spice rack is a perfect idea to store all your condiments like pepper, salt, and even cereal containers. However the spice rack is not a requirement and you can have it removed. The drawers are supported with metal drawer glides with safety stops to avoid the drawer itself from falling out.

It ensures to be durable enough to handle the weight of the utensils to be placed on it.  Its equipped with lockable wheels just in case you want to keep it still in one place. And its best recommended for smaller areas as its compact and in a sleeker design. 

Assembly might take a little bit of your time as all the screws are enclosed in one bag. And you have to be careful when following the instructions especially on which screw to put on. However, the unit is pre-drilled upon purchase interesting, isnt it?

The cart system with wheels three tier white from herbs space.

Kitchen cart, Top 5 Best Kitchen Cart must-have of 2020

This kitchen cart is ideal for not only just kitchen use but also the garage and office use as well. If youre to put it in the kitchen it looks better to be placed under the countertop corner. As its full of storage, it can hold a lot. We can use it either for extra storage or entertainment purposes because itll definitely stand out the dedicated shelves and baskets are interchangeable, depending on your preference.

 It’s composed of four laminated shells and two durable wire baskets with liners.  Each shelf can support items with up to two inches in height and a maximum of 33 pounds of weight.  This equipment is made out of powder-coated steel frames which assures long term use.  The metals are heavy and have substance to them as well. It’s equipped with four casters having locked support. The casters offer great help for effortless movement and for many, it seems wider than the declared dimensions. However it wont take up much of your room space.

 Assembly can be a bit tedious but all worth it. After a while, all the holes come pre-drilled butt aligning. It can be a bit tricky and some units carry a strong smell of mildew but it can be dealt with.

The Windham wood Top kitchen island from threshold.

Kitchen cart, Top 5 Best Kitchen Cart must-have of 2020

 This kitchen island is a must-have if youre looking for one that will give you a contemporary vibe. It has a lot of features to offer to keep your kitchen or space Organized and keep all the essential things right where you can easily get to them.

Its finish and style definitely blend well to any kitchen decor .you can keep a towel always within reach with its towel bar. The drawer and four shelves offer just enough space to keep the kitchen equipment and other important things within reach. 

You may also fill it with glassware that you use often out of for.  The two shelves are enclosed with a glass door which displays its conventional style. The wood top is supported with the squared legs; conveniently move the cart anywhere you want all thanks to its caster wheels. You can maneuver it in any direction without hassle. 

Assembly can be a bit tedious and requires two people at least. It require 1 hour for assembly. Please clearly follow the instructions.

The top frame depth is 19 Inches with an overall width of 42 inches and it stands 338 Inches and an overall depth of 177 Inches. The maximum capacity of the shelf is 25 pounds

The Martha kitchen cart

Kitchen cart, Top 5 Best Kitchen Cart must-have of 2020

 This cart delivers a homey vibe and adds a classic touch to your kitchen Interior. It features its open shelves and two drawers. And theres also a cabinet in which you can find two shelves inside, providing an ample amount of storage.  You can use the storage space for just about anything but it’s ideal for dinnerware, glassware, flatware, and even dishes.

This cart is made out of rubber wood and weighs 86 pounds. It has four cartwheels which are really helpful if youre in need to bring it from one place to another. The wheels are lockable if its required to stay in one place. It can it has a towel bar, making it reachable at any time.

The wood top blends well with the wood frame and white finish. A dedicated wine bar is a perfect addition which you can find under the drawer. You can put three to four bottles of wine in there for refreshments.

 Assembly requires two people and may take up to two hours. Although the instruction manual is easy to follow the parts arent labeled. And youll be needed to compare the parts as pictured in the manual So as to not get lost in assembly.

This is a list of the top five kitchen carts and islands for you.  However, whichever you opt to get based on your standards. We hope that you find it in our list the best and most convenient cart and islands that’s just perfect for your kitchen.

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