May 29, 2020

How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

By lovethefunny

Today, Tibe Tanuprising are going to show you how to chop some large vegetables.

  1. Large Vegetables


Fennel is a juicy delicious vegetable within an ece kind of flavor. 

vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

I love to shave it raw for a salad, cut off the stems, save these for a stock or broth take off the most robust sort of fruit and cut it in half lengthways face it down, cut it in half again and then take out the core you, shave it lengthways on a mandolin is easy. Its much harder to cut this as fine, so you can save some of the fronds to garnish or stir through just plucked off and just put on top of the salad. So you can use it all tastes way better than licorice. .

vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits
vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits


vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

Leek is a part of the onion family. You can cut off the end, trim off the top part.  

Split it through the middle of each one of these leaf without completely through.

Then you use water to rinse the leaves and remove all its dirt. Cut it in half and then you can leave it in large chunks and slowly, similarly with a bit of olive oil and put a lid on it so that it really steams and falls apart or you may chop it off at this angle.  

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vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

If you were to eat it raw, just use the tender light green part and then just slice. It really really thin just so that its not too strong onion flavor, and then you can just separate it and use it like you would a scallion.

vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

Iceberg lettuce 

Iceberg lettuce is 99% of water, so its very juicy and crisp. If its a good one, it doesnt have a lot of flavor because its just about all water, so cut it in half again like that, then thinly slice, wash the outside. In fact, you can keep the entire leaves while washing. Theres no dirt or grit getting inside a little bit goes a long way.

vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits


This is lacinato kale. 

vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

This scale is usually the most reliable and not too tough. Now pinch the leaves and run down your hand. This scale can be sliced thinly again and used raw, or you can stir this into a beautiful white bean soup, so it wilts at the end of cooking. You dont really want to cook this ahead tastes better fresh. You should use this to grill it, then you can remove its stems and chop it into small parts.

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vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

It if you wanted to leave the stems in you can just cut them down the middle and then just cut across. If you want to use your stems, get them together and just cut straight across and use this when youre cooking carrots and celery for a soup.

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vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

Butternut squash.

Its in season and fall and theres a lot of different things you can do with it, one of the best things to do with squash besides making soup is to roast it. You can leave the skin on, but mostly I take it off, and I like to put a towel down because when you start peeling it, it bleeds and gets very sticky and slippery, and you can slip and cut yourself.

If youre losing control of your peeler so peeling it just the full length like this and just do the bottom and then the top. 

The best way is to cut the neck off like that and then cut this base in half, and take out the seeds, just scrape. In case you only need to roast them, it’s possible to form any shape you want to do.

Or you might like to have larger cubed pieces, then for the nick part, take off the end and cut it down the middle, cut it in and then do the same if you like it in the same size.

vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

Kabocha Squash. 

Kabocha Squash is one of the densest and sweetest tasting squashes you can buy. Their flesh is so good in soups stews, or steaming because its so moist and creamy. Their shell may be a bit hard.

You dont have to take the seeds out actually. But if you want to take them out, use a spoon and just scoop it out. Then you need to cut it up you can leave the skin on if youre steaming or roasting.

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And if youve got a really sharp knife now its more manageable. You can perform this and I believe the perfect way to chop it is in wedges.

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  1. Technical Fruits


Tomatillos are a tomato family member and they have a husk on the outside that you need to peel off before you use them, you dont need a knife. 

Actually, because the best way to prepare them is to boil them, blanch them until they burst, or put them under a grill until the skins char a little bit. Have a look at its inside.

Just like a tomato and not great raw. Theyre also very sticky once you take off this husk, so dont take it off until you plan on using them. Just like a green tomato, what still better cook.



Tomatoes are the best thing when theyre in season. And that season is pretty short when theyre in season. My favorite way to cut them is just to take out the stem end and cut them in wedges  and then just olive, oil, salt.

 And thats really it because they taste so amazing. 



Zucchini belongs to the squash family. It thrives in summer. You can slice and grill them in bits. This can be roll-cut and steamed.

You can slice them in long thin strips like this and grill it. The other way to prepare a zucchini is to peel it and create ribbons, and then you can make a delicious pine, not dressing with lemon yummy. Toss it over, and its an excellent different textured way to eat it. There are actually various ways to cook with a small zucchini.



Cucumbers are very versatile. It tastes amazingly juicy just with some slice techniques. You can cut them on a mandolin, very thinly and use that as a pickle. 

It can be cut into large slices. Ive used as a crudite thinly sliced as a sandwich cut into. 



We label them chocos in Australia. They belong to the squash family like a zucchini – an incredibly mild taste. The skin is possible to consume. You need to take out the seeds that we should just eat.

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Its steamed, and we would just cut it like this, and you could also do that to roast. Its a very mild taste, sort of like cucumber and zucchini kind of mixed, because its crunchy like a cucumber, but very mild like a zucchini. 

vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits


Peppers are a large family of vegetables, and they can be used in so many different ways. To prep a bell pepper, cut in half lengthways, take out the seeds and the membrane thats a little bit bitter and you can simply perform this with your bare fingers.

 And then you can decide do you want slices to be eaten raw as a snack as a crudite, or larger pieces that you might like to roast to, then put on a sandwich or add to a salad.

I think the most effective way to chop this is to simply go and roll around its seeds.

Be careful since its seeds are extremely spicy but the inside may not be too spicy. You just have to test it by just to see if its burning your tongue. Cut it in long strips and then finely slices it, and put it in a salsa.

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Bitter melon 

Bitter melon is a member of the watermelon family. Therere plenty of ways to enjoy them and theres no need to peel. You do need to take out the seeds, though, so I would cut it longways and take out these seeds by scraping with a spoon.

 Just like you would say a squash, say you were to saute it. You could cut it on an angle if you want to steam.You could do it a bit thicker, and lets see how it tastes raw bitter. Id say, cook it forget that raw bit sauteed. You should do this first before using it.

vegetables, How To Chop Large Vegetables And Technical Fruits

I hope this article gave useful advises enough to convince you to chew in more vegetables. Because no matter what diet you eat, more vegetables is always a good idea. Head to the farmers market and check out some of the things you found here today and happy cooking!