, How to buy a suitable fridge?
May 29, 2020

How to buy a suitable fridge?

By lovethefunny

How to buy a suitable fridge?

, How to buy a suitable fridge?

With the needs of a lot of consumers worried about not choosing a good refrigerator for their family, we are puzzled about filtering information just to find a refrigerator with good price, long-term use, and above all to save electricity. 

Table of contents

  • Determine the demand for use
  • Fridge price segment
  • Material and design
  • Operating capacity of the refrigerator
  • Experience buying fridges at the best price
  • Top 5 best refrigerators for families today 2020

Here are the first basic ways to help you understand your needs for the fridge better. This will determine the real need to make an optimal, correct choice before making a decision on the purchase of the product to be used.

Moreover, we will select some of the best refrigerator models that are selling well in the market and are appreciated by many experienced users. Experience buying a suitable fridge

Determine the demand for use

Before choosing to buy a refrigerator, it is very important for users to use the refrigerator in order to determine the needs that are suitable for the initial price.

  • As mentioned briefly, the used volume is an important factor for the needs of the family. If the family from 3 to 4 people can use the capacity of a mini-fridge from 135 (liter) to 267 (liter). So, your job is to buy a cupboard with a price range just enough capacity from “135 to 276 (lit)” is.
  • If your need is for 5-6 people, you can choose the type of cabinet capacity from 300 (liter) to 400 (liter) is the most standard. If your family has 7 people or more, you can choose from 4 large cabinets with a capacity of 450 (liters) or more. However, the higher the capacity, the higher the refrigerator price.
, How to buy a suitable fridge?

Therefore, identifying user needs is very important to help users significantly cut the costs!

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Refrigerator price segment

In order to determine the price range that suits the familys needs, the user budget will fluctuate at the following price threshold.

  • Economy segment: With prices from 4.5 million to 6.5 million users can own a refrigerator with a capacity of comfortable use for families of 3-4 people already. With the preferred price you should choose such as Panasonic cabinets or from Hitachi, which are full of all features.
  • Mid-range segment: In this segment the refrigerator will fluctuate from 6.5 million to 15 million, with the price to pay for this segment in our opinion is the best. Because the refrigerator has both a large capacity and a luxurious design, the functions are perfectly optimized.
  • High-end segment: For high-end refrigerators that range from VND 15 million to over VND 50 million. At that price range, the refrigerators are designed very solemnly, the features are perfect in all. Very suitable for families with large and beautiful interior spaces.
, How to buy a suitable fridge?
  • Material and design

To meet the criteria of a good refrigerator, the refrigerator material must be made from durable materials. Thus increasing the life of the refrigerator up, right?

What we should pay attention to first is that the exterior of the cabinet must be made from high-quality plastic such as ABS or stainless steel, then covered with a powder coating that can withstand both force and heat well. The cooling process is faster and keeps the cold longer.

If enough criteria as above you can be assured of durable use without worrying much.

, How to buy a suitable fridge?

Active capacity of the refrigerator

Capacity is a core factor for the operation of the refrigerator is a smooth, good refrigerator or not? Running fast or slow is dependent on the internal capacity, so users should pay attention. Currently in all current popular power lines, one technology is considered the most optimal in the refrigerator is technology. Inverter. With the ability of the inverter can control the refrigeration compressor through it to help save significant power consumption.


So what are the highlights of this inverter?

  • First, the Inverter refrigerator has a large capacity of at least 200 liters, along with a neatly arranged tray system for you to freely store food.
  • Integrating specific antibacterial, modern and advanced cooling technologies such as: Panorama, Air Jet Flow, Ultraviolet or Nano Titanium, multi-dimensional cold air, etc.
  • Reduce the phenomenon of freezing in the refrigerator does not want. Because Inverter capacity has the ability to quickly and continuously cool down, helping to prevent unexpected snow freezing.
  • Most of the refrigerator lines using Inverter have a long and luxurious style.
  • Regarding the internal durability of this inverter technology, it is capable of operating for over 10 years.

Experience buying fridges at the best price

One thing that many users are concerned about is wondering where to buy the refrigerator at the best price from a reputable supplier. In our experience, the best way to buy a refrigerator is not too high price, not through many intermediary channels.

The experience of choosing a good refrigerator is good, then buying through e-commerce channels is most appropriate, but when buying through e-commerce channels, there are also advantages and disadvantages, so we will point out Detailed experiences for people to know their own price comparison so that it is most suitable.

Top 5 best refrigerators for families today 2020

Below will be a list of the 5 best refrigerators today that we have carefully selected before recommending for users to refer.

  1. Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator NR-BL267VSV1

First of all, we would recommend the Panasonic Inverter refrigerator with an affordable price that anyone can own, besides the accompanying features.

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, How to buy a suitable fridge?

Refer to the price of $350

After we finish watching this review, we must have no doubt without consulting the price right.

  1. Hitachi Inverter R-B330PGV8-BBK Inverter

Next is a mid-range refrigerator from Hitachi that sold well last year.

, How to buy a suitable fridge?

Refer to the price of $400

Wow that is awesome, isnt it? For those who want to buy a full-featured refrigerator and have a formal appearance, you can refer to this product.

  1. Toshiba Inverter Refrigerator GR-TG46VPDZ

The third refrigerator that we have to introduce to users is the very cool Toshiba refrigerator in 2019.

, How to buy a suitable fridge?

Refer to the preferential price of $500

With elegant black color comes with outstanding features sure to bring satisfaction to the user, right? If it is suitable, we do not miss this Toshiba GR-TG46VPDZ!

  1. Inverter Samsung Refrigerator RT19M300BGS / SV

Next is this Samsung RT19M300BGS / SV refrigerator that will definitely promise a lot of surprises for you. 

, How to buy a suitable fridge?

Refer to the price with $200

Through the review surely we have identified the features of the Samsung fridge already, right. Therefore, if you feel comfortable, do not miss this Samsung RT19M300BGS / SV.

  1. Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-FX630V-ST

Finally, a sharp firm refrigerator with large capacity is suitable for any family of 7 to 9 users or more. In the past year, this model has sold very well. 

, How to buy a suitable fridge?

Refer to the price with $700

Although the size is divided into 4 wings, the total combined volume will surely meet some quite large needs for users. So lets consider accordingly.


Above is a detailed review that shows the best refrigerators to choose from. Also, we have selected the best refrigerators recommended. Hopefully, with some of the above information, users will know how to find the best product for them.