May 28, 2020

Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

By lovethefunny

You are standing in front of a brand new kitchen and wondering what to prepare for it? Learn the indispensable items in the modern kitchen today.

Although a very close space, but to “dress up” for a new kitchen is not simple. Make a list for your kitchen starting from the most basic items.

Today, the kitchen is sophisticatedly designed with many eye-catching designs and materials. Besides, the modern kitchen also has more options such as electric, gas, infrared, magnetic, or combine gas with electricity, infrared and magnetic for you to choose.

Kitchen with oven:

Modern kitchens are often equipped with cabinet types with an oven below. You can easily choose single or double stoves according to your needs. This type of kitchen is not cheap but extremely convenient and recommended to have in your house. Especially if you are a fan of cooking.

new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

The essentials for a complete new kitchen

new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

The stove with the oven always brings elegance to the kitchen.

new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

For cooking enthusiasts, this kitchen is their dream.

new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

You can cook any kind of food in the world with this type of stove.

Induction hob

In addition to the above-mentioned type of cabinets, the type of stove without ovens is much more invested by families. Because not everyone is picky about cooking and likes to make fruit cakes. For them, an oven is not needed. These types of kitchen stoves also have countless styles to beautify your home space.

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new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

This is the most popular and popular kitchen range of electric cookers today.

new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

Built-in gas hob with four handy cooking compartments

new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

A beautiful combination of kitchen style gives you many choices when cooking.

new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

Gas cooker combined with electric stove

new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

The induction hob is always elegant and suitable for every home.

The kitchen hood

The kitchen, even though it is the place where nose dishes are made, is also a place with many greases, moisture, and food odors. Everything you process will be mixed together to create an unpleasant smell that without the hood, your kitchen would be a disaster.

new kitchen, Essentials for a complete new kitchen of 2020

The hood is extremely diverse in design, but in order to choose an efficient machine, you need to pay attention to the exhaust flow measured in CFM units – (m3 / min). The higher the CFM index, the greater the amount of air filtered in 1 minute. A proper cooker hood will depend on the size of the stove, how often it is operated. For example: A gas cooker with 6 compartments will need a higher CFM than a large electric stove (770 cm). Normally electric cookers will only need a suction machine with a suction flow of 300 – 450 CFM and for gas cookers is 600 – 1,200 CFM.

The hood is extremely important. They help you keep the air in your own kitchen clean.

Oven with wall:

To save space and make the kitchen space neat, luxurious, ovens, microwaves are designed with an extremely convenient wall. If you are starting to repair, upgrade, or build a new kitchen space, consider this convenient wall type oven. Dont leave ovens and microwaves anywhere in the kitchen, they look cluttered and take up space.

Using a wall oven is a smart way to increase the aesthetics of the kitchen.


As one of the most essential items in the kitchen, refrigerators help you store food for long periods and cool food for hot days. There are many options for you from single cabinets, double cabinets to quad cabinets. With smart design, increasingly beautiful refrigerators and diverse features will help you store food extremely effectively.

Top freezer

This is a traditional refrigerator and has a common price. Although this design is not unique, it will help you store food easily and conveniently.

Bottom Freezer

With freezers placed underneath, they are designed to open normally or in drawers. With this design, users will easily use the daily food stored in the freezer compartment due to not having to bend too low to find items.

The upper refrigeration compartment is more convenient for using fresh food.

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Side by side

This modern and luxurious double-wing cabinet has an interior design that is broken down into sections. This design itself will create more separate storage compartments than single cabinets. Two-wing cupboards often have water and stone slots right outside the cupboard. Because of its sleek and elegant design, this cabinet is much more expensive than the above two types.

The luxurious two-wing cabinets always support the maximum of food storage and increase the aesthetics of the kitchen.

French door fridges

This is a high-end refrigerator line that is a combination of side by side and refrigerator style below. They can be designed with two wings, three wings or four wings. Not only help you easily use fresh food every day because the freezer section is placed on top, hand-picked items, but they are also divided into many small compartments containing separate food, limiting food with smelly foods, keep delicious.

French cabinets are always luxurious and perfect for every kitchen.

Water purifier

Currently, the tendency to use water purifiers instead of stopping bottled water or boiling water is favored by families. The water purifier appliances are increasingly beautifully designed, modern, suitable for use as well as display kitchen.

Washbasins and faucets

Washbasins and faucets are the most used equipment in the cooking, cleaning process of a modern kitchen. Therefore, when choosing a sink, a faucet, in addition to the size, material, function, choosing the appropriate, harmonious washbasin in your kitchen is an important factor to make the cleaning area more comfortable. roof, impressive but also a way to increase inspiration when in the kitchen.


Many experiments have shown that the same amount of dishes for a normal meal with different contaminants such as oil, grease, if washed by hand, will require over 20 liters of water to be completely cleaned. However, the same amount of dishes with such contaminants, different types of dishwashers proved to be much more economical when using only an amount of water about 5 to 12 liters depending on the machine.

Therefore, the notion that dishwashers use electricity is wrong. On the contrary, using a dishwasher will save you a lot of water.

Normally, housewives usually take about 15 to 30 minutes for each washing by hand. So, on average, once a day washing a dish, it takes about 182 hours a year for washing dishes. This is not a pleasant number at all.

Using a dishwasher will help you solve this problem. You will have more free time for your family.

Above are some smart appliances for the kitchen that you should shop for families. They will help you cook cozy meals quickly, conveniently, and save a lot of time for other activities.

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