Color,  5 Color trends never obsolete for a beautiful kitchen
May 28, 2020

 5 Color trends never obsolete for a beautiful kitchen

By lovethefunny

The kitchen is, along with the living room, a place for a family to gather at every meal. Hence, when designing and arranging furniture, this is also an important space to consider. The following article proposes to help you find out impressive colors for the kitchen.

As the choice of fabrics, designs, and styles for kitchen cabinets plays a very important part in designing a kitchen, it is equally important to choose colors for them. For kitchen cabinets, what color should be chosen? Red, gray, red, or yellow. Those are the questions that often disturb people.

Some considerations:

Recognize the Space in the Kitchen

Before deciding on the color of the kitchen cabinets, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the space of the kitchen. If the kitchen has a modest area, priority should be given to bright or neutral colors such as white, light yellow, pink and blue.  And if the kitchen is quite spacious, you can unleash your choice for kitchen cabinets of many different colors, even including dark colors.

Select Colors by the tone

The selection of colors according to tones is considered on two dimensions, one is the color of the kitchen cabinets with the same color as the wall paint and other furniture in the kitchen. This combination contributes to a more stylish and luxurious cooking space. Contrary to the color of the wall paint, the combination of kitchen cabinets colors creates a significant highlight, making the kitchen more impressive.

The choice of colors for the kitchen cabinets often shows in the form of single color or multi-color according to the tone. When you select a single color for your kitchen cabinets, you can find it easier to incorporate other furniture to create accents, but if you choose different colors, you dont have to think too much about making kitchen cabinets more impressive because they are already very attractive in themselves.

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Choose colors according to Feng Shui

The choice of colors for the Feng Shui kitchen cabinets is based on the homeowners destiny and the houses harmony. In order to learn which color you prefer, it is best to look for the assistant of experienced Feng Shui houses. Not only does this have a huge spiritual sense but it also makes you feel better and happier every time you enter your kitchen. For it is always said by the elderly that “abstinence for good.”

5 Color trends for a beautiful kitchen never out of date

Design a beautiful kitchen with yellow colors

Yellow in designs is rather picky. Yellow is however used to decorate in todays interior design, as the main color for many kitchen design styles.

In the coming years, the trend will be with a choice of warm colors like clay, copper, gold, and ginger, as contrasting colors can create accents for the house, giving the objective an unforgettable impression.

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Decorate the kitchen with the seas deep blue color

Deep blue is very common in houses interior design, especially in the kitchen area. They are one of those colors that were never out of fashion.

This is the color characteristic of a soft, elegant design appropriate for many interior spaces in the living room.

On the other hand, you can easily combine this color scheme with many different interior patterns, as well as changes in kitchen design styles.

This color scheme is loved by Portuguese architects and exploited to show the homeowners style, making kitchen space more modern and trendy.

Design a kitchen with bright blue

Unlike other tones of colour, light blue is the one that many homeowners prefer most. In the design of kitchen colors, this kitchen creates the classic or rustic charm of the kitchen.

The blue color is especially appropriate for all design trends while the new design of the kitchen s appearance and functions will not compromise the kitchens classic.

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Design kitchen with the dark tone

A beautifully simple kitchen with dark tones has been a trend in recent years. It is a design with impressive colors, helping the kitchen space become more luxurious and sophisticated.

However, to create a vivid and appealing way to help the kitchen impress the viewer, you need to combine them with bright colors.

In general, if you choose to use this as the main color for your kitchen, then choose the right furniture cleverly to make the owners cooking space become harmonious, impressive expressing elegance and style.

Design kitchen with natural colors

To many homeowners, choosing natural colors for kitchen design is always the first choice 

Inspiration from nature is expressed in an attractive way when you have to design and decorate the kitchen with a combination of different color tones.

The commonly used color tones are a mixture of delicate color options with high-quality materials such as wood, concrete, glass, ceramic, stone or metal, etc. making the kitchen become lively, playful, close to use.

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