Rice Cooker, Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)
May 28, 2020

Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)

By lovethefunny

Hi. Today, I’ll show you Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020Rice cooker is an essential piece of equipment in every kitchen. Its convenient and will buy you time to prepare scrumptious meals for your families. With a simple of a button, it’ll automatically start the cooking process.

Moreover, itll switch to warm mode, making that cook rice always ready to be served hot. Amazingly, a rice cooker is not merely equipment to cook rice but also carries different functions such as steaming or warming. You can steam vegetables, meat or fish and make healthier dishes. You can also cook porridge, soup and stew in a rice cooker.

The Aroma 8 cup programmable rice and grain cooker and food steamer

Rice Cooker, Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)

You can achieve that restaurant-quality rice with this rice cooker.  Use it to make delicious dishes and healthy steamed veggies, especially if youre into a healthier diet. With this unit, you can cook rice and steamed meat and vegetables all at the same time and cook rice up to eight cups and any variety you have. 

 The commands are easy to use with the programmable digital controls.  It automatically switches to keep warm. When its almost done cooking, no stirring or monitoring required and hence youll have more time with your kids and family without worrying that you might forget something youve left on the stove. 

Rice Cooker, Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)

It has white and brown rice functions as well as cooks Soups, oatmeal chili or jambalaya with this rice cooker that’s just how flexible it is.  For meal planning, it also has a fifteen-hour delay timer, which is perfect for a family always on the go 

Aroma has safety features such as the cool touch stainless steel surface to keep it from possible hand Burns. The conveniently open and closed handle is also a great feature. When youre done with cooking quickly clean up the steam tray inner pot and other accessories. The package includes an instruction manual a spatula a steam tray and a measuring cup.

The Black+Decker 14-Cup Cooked/7-Cup Uncooked Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Rice Cooker, Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)

This rice cooker is ideal for big dinner preparations. This item is a real savior when youre expecting a lot of guests.  Rice cooking takes 20 to 40 minutes delivering you fluffy delicious rice ready to go. 

It has a 14 cup capacity of cooked rice thats perfect for large meals. Keeping your cooked rice always available for serving with its automatic keep-warm function is great food after the cooking process. The indicator lights are such a great idea to monitor if its in the cooking process or warming already.

Rice Cooker, Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)

 This cooker works as a food steamer as well with the steaming basket. You can make healthy meals by steaming vegetables, meat, fish and more. You can also use the cooker for making soup stews. 

All these accessories are dishwasher safe and the nonstick bowl is removable for easy cleanup. The measuring cup and plastic serving spoon are safe to use and constructed to avoid inflicting marks or scratches on the wall. The lid is made of tempered glass with a hanger which is intended to prevent placing the top anywhere. It also easy for serving purposes and keeps your kitchen countertop clean and tidy. 

 This rice cooker is a white finish and is sure to blend in with your kitchens Interior and equipment. 

The Hamilton beach rice cooker and steamer.

Rice Cooker, Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)

This rice cooker is perfect for large occasions for its 16 cup rice capacity. Cook rice with minimal effort by merely filling the nonstick bowl with your ingredients.

Turning it on the cooker will automatically cook the rice on its own, Giving you more time to prepare for other parts of the meal. No temperature timer needed to adjust as it automatically does its routine. When its done with a cook cycle, itll automatically shift cook to warm mode. 

The two and one grain basket is a perfect tool to rinse the grain rice, keeping it nice and fluffy and deliciously clean at all times. 

Rice Cooker, Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)

You can also use the basket for steaming while the rice is cooking: steamed vegetables, salmon, meat poultry, seafood, zucchini and many more. With this steaming feature, the steam function prevents your food from clumping and instead makes it fresh and healthy. You can also use this rice cooker for cooking Soups and porridge. 

It’s extremely flexible. Included in the package are a measuring cup for perfect rice and water ratio, the basket steamer and the paddle. Cleaning up with the accessories wont take too much of your time either as every accessory is the dishwasher safe from the nonstick bowl, Rice rinse or steaming basket and even removable lid liner.

The Presto 16-Cup Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker/Steamer

Rice Cooker, Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)

This rice cooker can cook perfect fluffy delicious whiter brown rice. This cooker is ideal for small to large families as you can cook 4 to 16 cups in it.  It has an indicator light that is supported with digital push buttons. Set ingredients in the nonstick bowl and click cook to start and itll automatically switch to warm after the cook cycle is done. Use the steaming basket for steaming your meats, Vegetables, fish and more. Make healthy meals every day without spending so much time in the kitchen as steam and cook function can both work simultaneously. 

You’ll appreciate its stainless steel exterior for durability and long term use. The hinged cover supports the carrying handle and the removable steam vent.  Presto also offers no extra lid for the nonstick bowl in case youd like the store leftover rice in the fridge. As the cover is not removable, you may need to find something else that will fit the bowl opening for protection.  

In regards to the built-in steam vent, it’s advisable to place the rice cooker away from cabinets and other kitchen equipment so you wont get it moist. It tends to release moisture during the cooking cycle and especially during meal prep. The nonstick bowl and other accessories are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The package includes a paddle and measuring rice cup

The microcomputer-controlled rice cooker carrying the Tiger brand

Rice Cooker, Top 5 Best Rice Cooker of 2020 (Buying Guide)

 This multifunction rice cooker Not only cooks rice But you can also use it for warming food, Steaming and even use it as a slow cooker. The 2 cooking plate is BPA free and allows you to cook rice and steam A dish at the same time.  You can steam meat, fish and vegetables for a healthier dish with this flexible rice cutter.  

Tiger specifically designs it wherein the texture or flavor of the rice will not be affected by the flavors from the plate. At a minimal rate, you can prepare the rice and start the cooking cycle by pressing the cook button; it will automatically activate the cooking temperature and start the process.  When its done, itll automatically switch to warming mode to keep the cooked rice warm and ready to serve.

 The slow cooker feature is intended for soups or stews while the porridge function is for risottos or rice porridge. It has two preset cooking timers which will allow you to delay cooking. Its created with stainless steel design and a white finish and will perfectly blend well with your kitchens interior. 

Its engineered with 10 computerized cooking menus such as brown settings and slow cook. The steam cap and inner lid are removable for easy cleanup. The package comes with an instruction manual rice spatula measuring cup cooking plate ladle recipe book and spatula holder.  

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