Knife Set, Top 5 Best Knife Sets you must have of 2020
May 28, 2020

Top 5 Best Knife Sets you must have of 2020

By lovethefunny

Knife Set, Top 5 Best Knife Sets you must have of 2020

In this guide, weve created the list of the top 5 knife set to make your cooking experience memorable. All the knives covered on our list come in different designs, prices, points, and are made with different materials.

A good quality knife is one of the single most essential tools in your kitchen. However, depending on whom you ask, quality is relative. For an amateur cook, a good quality knife is simply one that cuts through and chops ingredients.

On the other hand, a professional chef most likely defines a great knife as a general all-purpose kitchen appliance that excels in various tasks. Generally speaking, a good quality knife should be sharp, have a good grip, and give you perfect control while chopping ingredients.

So whether youre mincing garlic, chopping of herbs, or breaking down a butternut squash, a perfect kitchen knife will help you get the job done without compromising on your safety.

 However, several great knives on the market are overwhelming, making it nearly impossible to choose the best one.  To complicate matters further, most come with varied features and designs. That is why most people end up getting duped into buying cutlery sets that they hardly ever use.

Therefore, if you happen to be in the market for a professional-grade kitchen knife, Tibe Tanuprising will help you make your purchase decision easier.

The Potluck knife set

Knife Set, Top 5 Best Knife Sets you must have of 2020

Whether youre an amateur cook or a professional chef, your kitchen really needs a good chefs knife, a bread knife, and a paring knife. Luckily, these versions of Potluck sell them all.

A set includes:

  1. An 8-inch chefs knife
  2. A 10-inch bread knife
  3. A three and a half-inch paring knife

Potluck knife set Quality

 If youre still using those cheap quality knives that you purchased back in your dorm in college, you’ll be amazed at the quality of the pot luck knife set. Weighing in at just a few grams heavier compared to other versions, Potlucks knives Proprietary stainless steel make up is stain and corrosion resistant making them extremely durable.

The steel blade also remains wicked sharp even after months of abuse, giving you consistent slices no matter what the ingredients are youre working with.

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Potluck knife set Design:

The potluck knife set comes with a slightly taller hefty handle and an almost flush tip that come in handy while cutting through fibrous Greens or bones. The slip-resistant polypropylene Handles are ergonomically designed to ensure a firm grip.

 Potluck knife set Price:

If youre working on a budget, youll also appreciate Potlucks direct seller to consumer model.  Instead of going through third-party sellers or middlemen, you get to directly purchase the product from their website, which helps bring down the cost. 

So go ahead and make your cooking experience fun and easy with these high-quality kitchen knives and chop your ingredients in record time.

The KitchenAid 14 piece forged stainless steel cutlery set

Knife Set, Top 5 Best Knife Sets you must have of 2020

No matter whats on your menu, this diverse 14 piece cutlery set will give you a leading edge over your cooking creations.


Made with German stainless steel, this enduring cutlery collection is durable and it will serve for a lifetime. Additionally, the set comes with an integrated 600 diamond grit sharpener, making it easy to regularly sharpen the knives for optimal performance. All of the 14 pieces in this set are corrosion and rust-resistant, giving them exceptional durability.


The triple-riveted comfort Handle is ergonomically engineered with a bolster and full tang for easy handling and ultimate comfort.  To protect against breakages, the polish triple steel rivets reinforce and strengthen the handles seamless fit as well as give it a touch of elegance.

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Storing purposes

The KitchenAid 14-piece forged stainless steel cutlery set comes with a painted silver woodblock, which is optimally angled to easily fit under kitchen cabinets. The wooden block also comes with a sophisticated design heading that touch of elegance to your kitchen.

 Its difficult to put into words just how great the knives inside the KitchenAid 14-Piece set are.  They have a gorgeous look impeccably balanced and a graceful slicing motion through all ingredients fresh or dried.

The Farberware 15-Piece Stainless Steel Knife block set

Knife Set, Top 5 Best Knife Sets you must have of 2020

This 15 piece set represents affordability, high quality, and classic styling. All wrapped up inside a cutlery package that you can trust. The set comes with a broad range of cutlery tools that have been thoughtfully engineered to meet your unique needs.

A set includes

  •       An 8-inch chefs knife
  •       A 6-inch slicing knife
  •       A 6-inch bread knife
  •       A 5-inch serrated utility knife
  •       A 3-inch paring knife
  •       A 4.5-inch Santoku knife
  •       All-purpose shears
  •       6 Steak knives
  •       Sharpening steel
  •       A black finish wood block


Thanks to the high carbon stainless steel, the blades resist dulling, rusting and chipping. Theyre super durable and long-lasting. All of the blades are complemented with ergonomic lee design handles that give the knives A good weight and making them efficient safer and more comfortable.  For added Functionality, The knives also come with blades of varied shapes and links making it easy to slice chop and cut your ingredients.

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Another thing to love about the Farberware knives is the intuitive design. They feature an ergonomically designed handles that are perfectly balanced, making them comfortable to hold as well as facilitating precise cutting.

So go ahead and give you your kitchen a sleek addition with the Farberware 15 piece stainless steel cutlery set.  It includes all the essential tools for everyday and specialized food preparation tasks

The Farberware three-piece knife set

Knife Set, Top 5 Best Knife Sets you must have of 2020

For over 120 years, Farberware has been one of the leading kitchen appliance and cookware manufacturers and have managed to turn out a string of truly fine quality kitchen knives. It shouldnt come as a surprise, that a second set will find its way onto this list.

A set includes

  •       An 8-inch chefs knife
  •       A five and a half-inch utility knife
  •       A three and a half-inch paring knife

 The durability

 These knives are a collection for the home chef as well as the commercial chef.  The blades offer Diran high carbon stainless steel and polypropylene handles, perfectly weighted for exceptional balance. The handles are also economically designed for a proper grip and maximum control while in use.

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 Maintenance purposes

The stainless steel blades, generally, are satin coated, making them rust-resistant and easy to clean. The serrated edges will easily cut through ingredients without needing constant sharpening.


If youre looking for good quality cutlery set without spending a fortune, The Farberware three-piece knife set is the best bang for your buck. The knives are durable, reliable, and affordable, making them ideal if youre working on a tighter budget.

The Henckels international 15-piece graphite knife set with block

Knife Set, Top 5 Best Knife Sets you must have of 2020

Honed in for almost eternal sharpness, the Henckels international 15-piece graphite set comes with fine-edged blades that will help you cut and chops your ingredients with the utmost precision.

A set includes

  •       A bread knife chefs knife
  •       A paring knife
  •       A Santoku knife
  •       Steak knives
  •       Honing steel
  •       A utility knife
  •       Kitchen shears and scissors
  •       Knife storage

With all these different cutting options, youll never run short of tools to handle every kitchen task.


 Along with a large catalog of cutting tools, all of the knives in this set are fabricated from premium stainless steel, in the single piece blade construction, making them lighter compared to Forge knives. This statement design along with the full tang allows for maximum maneuverability and control while using the knives. The handles are reinforced by triple rivets and ergonomically curved for maximum comfort and perfect balance.

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To give them that aesthetic appeal, the knives come with a steel end cap to top off the look. If youre looking for an all arounder knife set with a sleek design, then Henckels international 15-piece graphite knife block set will suit the bill. All of the pieces are weighty to prevent them from bending while on use.

While the wide variety to choose from make them ideal for any culinary experience. Whether youre just starting out on your cooking journey and want the best knives to invest in or simply want to upgrade your existing set, we hope our list help you find the one thats perfect for you. 

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