Knives, TOP 5 Best Kitchen Knives of 2020
May 29, 2020

TOP 5 Best Kitchen Knives of 2020

By lovethefunny

Cooking can be frustrating enough when youve got all of the tools you need. So why would you make it harder by using a dull old knife? When it comes to kitchen knives, there are plenty of excellent choices on the market. Well, Tibe Tanuprising breaks the top five kitchen knives on the market this year, based on the price vs. performance and the circumstances in which they are being used.

For any budget set, well take a look at items. So whether you have some bucks to spare and want the best value or look for the best of the best, well have a choice for you.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S

If youre looking for a simple sturdy and durable knife, this one is as good as any. The manufacturer makes this knife from a single piece of stainless steel to preserve its strength. Due to the manufacturers laser sharpening process, the edge of the blade is incredibly sharp. The sides of the knife sloped at an angle of 15 degrees.Knives, TOP 5 Best Kitchen Knives of 2020

Additionally, the blade is also very durable and holds a 57 Rockwell hardness rating, which places it into the high quality steel knife category of products. Of course, since this is a stainless steel knife, youll never see any discoloration or rusting.

Perhaps most importantly, the blade sits well in hand. The polymer handle is bonded to the steel using three rivets. Because the manufacturer used such long-lasting materials even on the handle, youll be able to wash the knife in the dishwasher. However, hand washing is recommended. depending on which length of this knife you need it may cost anywhere from $120 to $170. 

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DALSTRONG Chefs Knife – the best Japanese kitchen knife.

In recent years, Japanese steel knives have become almost as popular as German ones. So lets see how a Japanese kitchen knife from dau strong can help you prepare your meals. Knives, TOP 5 Best Kitchen Knives of 2020

Well, firstly, this 8-inch knife has a Rockwell hardness score of over 62 as opposed to the previous product score of 57. This kind of strength is achieved by layering over 60 layers of stainless steel and then using the traditional Hahn Banach method. Additionally, the manufacturer cools the steel with liquid nitrogen to make it even harder and resistant to rust.

However, the polished finish is one of the most distinctive aspects of this knifes edge. The texture is smooth though, so it wont retain dirt or food leftovers and should be easy to wash. The triple-riveted fiberglass resin handle of the knife has a non-slip grip so this knife will not only be comfortable to hold but also study in your hand. for a price of about $130 youll get the blade and even a protective sheath to store it in.

Zyliss Control Chefs Knife – Best Budget Kitchen Knife 

Knives, TOP 5 Best Kitchen Knives of 2020 If you want to experience premium German design at a bit of a lower price point, this may be the knife for you. The Zyliss 8-inch chefs knife has a design that will allow you to try your hand at mini cutting techniques. The handle is excellent for hands of all sizes and it even has a thumb or index finger indentation for those who like to use the pinch grip.

The handle also has a non-slip grip and an antibacterial coating to match your neat kitchen. In addition to the ergonomic design of the handle, the steel blade itself has a dent in it to provide a spot for leverage. That will come in handy when youre using the rock grip.

Other than that, the blade is also rust-resistant and very sharp. And its even easy to sharpen the knife is only about $30 – and its only one in a line of great kitchen knives. 

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife – the best kitchen knife value in dollars

This 8-inch chefs knife from Zelite is an excellent choice for any young hopeful who wants to learn their way around the kitchen. The German steel blade has a 56 Rockwell hardness score which bodes well for its durability. Knives, TOP 5 Best Kitchen Knives of 2020

Like the Japanese knife weve talked about earlier, this blade was processed using the traditional Hans bazooka method so its tough as well as stain and rust-resistant. Zelite blades also have 15 to 18 degrees sides which also served to improve the blade sharpness. Between the slim blade and the ergonomic handle this knife is perfectly balanced.

The handle is too thick and somewhat cylindrical rather than angular. That slight change in the design is significant when you hold the knife. The handle is more viscous than some of the others and it does help with the grip somewhat.

Also, it contributes to the smooth and elegant shape of the knife and while we do appreciate the aesthetic component of this smoothness, its also practical since it makes the knife easier to clean. this knife is available for about $50 and you can also get matching ones from the same line of products 

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Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chefs Knife – Best Overall Kitchen Knife

Last on the list is the Westhoff classic eight-inch chefs knife our pick for the best overall kitchen knife will wrap up our list of the best kitchen knives with this Wusthof Classic 8-inch Chefs Knife. This heavy knife is excellent for many uses. 

Knives, TOP 5 Best Kitchen Knives of 2020However, youll especially enjoy using it for chopping veggies and even meats. The stainless steel blade is incredibly sharp and has a 58 Rockwell hardness score so it will be durable and long-lasting. The knife features a triple-riveted polymer handle that provides a seamless fit.

The handle fits perfectly in hand and its an excellent counterbalance for the blade. Besides, the blade has a finger guard for safety but you can also use it to improve your grip. This knife is available at varying lengths with or without a blade guard.

Theyll even engrave your knife if you want to give someone a personalized gift. You can expect the knife to cost around $150 although you can probably get a used one for less. Ultimately any one of the knives on this list will be very helpful when youre bustling about the kitchen. 

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