Dishwasher, Top 5 Best Family Dishwashers you must-have one in 2020
May 28, 2020

Top 5 Best Family Dishwashers you must-have one in 2020

By lovethefunny

General information


Dishwashers are machines that are used to wash various kinds of kitchenware such as dishes, dishes, pots, pans, and cups. The hot water is used for the washing system, so the stains can be removed easily and users can be hygienic.

In supporting housework the increasingly popular dishwasher plays a very important role. It helps housewives save time at work, reduce tiredness, and increase interest in housework. The machine has a high mode of cleaning and disinfection which saves more water than manually washing dishes.

This dishwasher has a simple operation mechanism. You first remove leftovers and bring dirty dishes into the machine, pick suitable washing program, and press the start button, the machine will clean the dishes automatically.

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Dishwasher, Top 5 Best Family Dishwashers you must-have one in 2020

Dishwasher Advantages

Dishwashers are very popular in developed countries. They are complimented as a time and energy-saving appliance, modern and efficient.

Save plenty of time

Life is getting busier than ever. Many women work in offices and then do housework so the time is extremely limited. It sounds like they dont have time for themselves. Hence, the dishwasher is an excellent alternative, helping to save a lot of time compared to the regular, tiring form of washing.

The user simply drops the leftovers to use a washing machine, then places all the dishes in the tray, and selects the program he wants. The machine has various programs such as normal washing, economical washing, intensive washing, glass washing, and quick washing. All they need to do then is press the start button. The user has time to do other work while the system is running.

Save Water

A common misconception is that a machine uses a lot of water, but using a machine to wash dishes uses much less water than washing hands. It only takes 6-7 liters of water for certain high-end models, and water consumption for standard devices is around 12 liters. Alternatively, it requires up to 40 liters of water to wash by hand to clean dishes. Computer washing thus saves up to 1⁄3 of the volume of water compared to hand-washing

Dishwasher, Top 5 Best Family Dishwashers you must-have one in 2020.A household dishwasher is an essential item in every kitchen

Reducing energy consumption

Big dishwasher manufacturers all produce devices that have a fairly low power consumption. This lets families cut their monthly electricity consumption significantly, especially high-end models such as Electrolux and Bosch

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Rinsing and disinfecting

Washing dishes by hand only removes stains which can be seen by bare eyes. This is too difficult to clean for the stubborn stains. And a dishwasher can solve this problem quickly and absolutely. The machine’s outstanding function is the usual rinse wash cycle, and then intense rinse with detergent water, follow-up rinse, and final drying. According to a study, only 100 bacteria are left in the dishes after being washed with machines while the number of bacteria is up to 16,000 for manual washing.

Protecting hands

At cold days, no contact with chemicals or water, your hands are still smooth and secure.

 Dishwashers have many outstanding advantages, but relatively high costs, when used some machines make a loud noise too. To raising the noise level, the option of machines with a noise control level of less than 48dB is recommended.

 Top 5 best family dishwashers

The ESF5511LOX Electrolux dishwashers

Electrolux ESF5511LOX uses an LED screen device for simple observation of the parameters on the panel during service. The unit is fitted with advanced Autoflex technology for smoother and cleaner washing of dishes with extremely short running time.

 Highlight features:

• Comfortable, square, modern design;

• Eye-catching design with white steel

• 6 washing modes that can clean the dishes and match several different types of stains, 6 modes: 60 ° fast washing, Eco 50 ° washing, 70 ° intense washing, Auto flex washing 45-70 °.

After spraying, rinsing, and using hot air to dry the bowl, the user can take it out and use it right upon washing without drying. The water consumed every time is approximately 11 liters.

Able to wash up to 13 sets of dishes at once, its capacity is 2200W. Electrolux ESF5511LOX costs less than 17 million and has a 24-month warranty.

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Dishwasher, Top 5 Best Family Dishwashers you must-have one in 2020

Dishwasher Electrolux ESF5511LOX

The Bosch SMS50E82EU dishwashers

Bosch SMS50E82EU offers both a stand-alone model and an easy-to-use built-in one. The machine’s capacity is 13 sets of dishes, with 05 main washing programs, 02 special programs with a high 2400W range, cleaning all the stains in a short time.

The screen is a transparent LCD display. The highlight is the noise which is less than 48 dB during operation. The devices power consumption is just around 12 liters of water / 1.03kWh. The basket is designed with a convenient large size.The sleek white exterior design is made from stainless steel and powder-coated to guarantee consumer health. 

Costs for Bosch SMS50E82EU are under 18 million and are warranted for up to 2 years.

Dishwasher, Top 5 Best Family Dishwashers you must-have one in 2020

The Texgio TG-DW295B dishwashers

Texgio TG-DW295B Dishwasher is a built-in cabinet with a 2-floor rack, 100% high-grade inox material, not stainless steel. 

The highlight is the construction of safety systems at the lowest 48bB level against leakage and noise. It has 600 mm x 586 mm x 820 mm dimensions, weighs 43 kg, and uses 220V power, consuming a maximum water level of 12 liters.

Texgio TG-DW295B is equipped with a convenient LED display and 5 common wash modes. There are safety locks for families with children. A Texgio TG-DW295B dishwasher costs about 13 million.

Dishwasher, Top 5 Best Family Dishwashers you must-have one in 2020

A built-in dishwasher Texgio TG – DW295B

Flamenco FLD 011F dishwasher

 Dishwasher Flamenco FLD 011F is designed to be able to stand alone or under the counter, which is very convenient for your needs as well as for the familys kitchen space.

The device is made of antioxidant and rust-free stainless steel in compliance with current European standards for both the inner compartment and the outer shell and is highly safe for the health of users.

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Flamenco FLD 011F has dimensions of 600x600x820 mm, with 6 washing programs and the machines consumption ranging from 12 to 14 liters/time is very water-saving. Its power is from 180 to 220W, with the standby mode available. There is also a timer and a safety lock for the family.

Flamenco FLD 011F is very energy-efficient, with each time about 1.05 kWh of power. This model features a quick and strong drying mode, an intelligent container, and a height-adjustable sprinkler. With a 24 month warranty, this model has a price of less than 13 million.

Dishwasher, Top 5 Best Family Dishwashers you must-have one in 2020

Independent dishwasher Flamenco FLD 011F

 Texgio TG – DW668S independent dishwasher

 Texgio TG-DW668S is equipped with 6 pre-programmed programs, users only need to select 1 of the 6 programs installed directly at the front of the machine. This has the ability to dry naturally. The unit has a smooth, vivid, eye-catching casing made of stainless steel which is a strong material that is resistant to impact and easy to clean.

The machine is assembled in Malaysia with a capacity of 220V to 240V, a frequency of 50 HZ, and a weight of 48kg. The volume of tap water consumed is 12 liters each, the operating level is 48db. In particular, this model is designed to prevent water leakage with a flexible washing-rack adjustment system. 

Generally speaking, you can wash a maximum of 12 sets of dishes every time.Texgio TG-DW668S is a very popular machine with a price below VND 12 million with a 2-year warranty.

Dishwasher, Top 5 Best Family Dishwashers you must-have one in 2020

Dishwasher Texgio TG – DW668S

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