May 28, 2020

Backpacking cooking gears that you should update in 2020

By lovethefunny

Tibe Tanuprising‘ll show you some things I updated and upgrade my backcountry cooking setup. Im going to update my camp cook, the setting of my whole kitchen will be updated and Im going to show you guys all the updates Im doing. And the reason is because Im going to do more backcountry cooking. 

I wanted to catch fish, and then grill them with a frying pan. Ill do some baking and little bigger pots and stuff in the future to try out some different menu items. And I think that its a lot of fun for me, lets get it all right so start your day. Now, I will show you about Backpacking cooking gears that you should update in 2020

Backpacking cooking gears – An ultra-lite java coffee filter

Starting with the coffee. So one of the things I got updated is my coffee. The coffee singles are normally what I do. The coffee singles are what lots of people do. In the backcountry they work well and you just break. Put it up and stir it in the hot water. Its like a built-in stir stick even for some of us, with the kit. We want our own actual homemade coffee. And we think theres a way to make your coffee from home. And take it back-country. Well with you. What we have is ultra-lite java. 

Its a coffee filter with plastic legs, very flexible polypropylene plastic. They re not brittle. So you just take the legs of this and just clip it on to any size coffee mug clips done really easily and you go check that oh and you can add your coffee to fill it up about half full and then take the hot water. Then pour it circularly slowly. So it steeps, meaning it soaks in and then drips. You get a real drip. Like coffee, it also takes numbers two and four paper filters. Its a paper filter number four, and number two is around that size. Its a bit smaller, and you take that, and you can set it up here as well, and what this does will give you even slower. Great way to enjoy some of your favorite backcountry coffee, including ultra-light java drip.

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Backpacking cooking gears – A jetboil summit skillet

Thats what Im going to add, and its built-in the little skillet here. I wanted to update this, so what I did was get myself. Its called summit jetboil. 

Its eight inches. By two inches deep, ceramic-coated check if it cooks evenly, you can see the handle pops out and this only weighs ten point six ounces. But inside the handles a little spatula built-in. See that, and that sounds like a migratory bird thats what they call a nesting turner. This years nesting tin is in the southern hemisphere. But the situation isnt. Thats actually just a little spatula, and thats how the handle pops out, so its easy to know it takes a blunt space. It is safe to use. No lead, no cadmium, no PFOA. I dont know whats PFOA. But its set on the instructions that its safe to use and this cooks uniformly, and it has several grooves at the bottom here. 

See that the legs work really well. Your stoves potholders. They suit these grooves like beautifully, so they dont obscure flying pen doesnt slip off at 44 ninety-five so jetboil summit skillet. 

Backpacking cooking gears – MSI Camping stove:

Well check that all right this year, so I wanted to upgrade my stove and I got the MSR pocket. 

This weighs 26 ounces. And thatll boil. One liter of water in three-and-a-half minutes, thats a pretty fast boil time. Its kind of a road stove middle. And what I really like about it is a few things, the potholders number one. Here, the little legs are larger than the one from 1395 I used to work with That still works. I still like the stove. But you can see the size difference.

Thats basically a heavier stove. And its not as good as this pot. So I thought itd be my backup. Im going to keep it going to work, but we got this stove though it comes with a really nice case here. It fits easily into this I really appreciate that fan which also fits nicely into my cook kit. 

Heres a quick tip for you to always take your fuel adjustment. Turn it right or whatever the closed position. This one is right because otherwise, if you dont, youll get dust in your nose. Because even a slight turn, the themes come on the second twist. The sun always has to take some duct tape and tie it around your fuel canister foundation. And thats a great way to carry some duct tape. While youre back. And you could always use some duct tape in the backcountry on those cold mornings. It will insulate your cold canister of petrol. And its not cold. When youre doing that, Ive upgraded my stove all right. 

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Backpacking cooking gears – MSR alpine salt and pepper shaker

Small stuff can make a huge difference. So I introduce this to you.

This is the MSR alpine salt and pepper shaker test that has dual chambers in it for salt and pepper. You can open it from either end to get your salt out of it or your pepper, and there are rubber gaskets at either end of the main opening when refilling. Its water-resistant. Im very pleased with that, what a great way to get salt and pepper. I used to have plastic bags. And little stuff ziplock sand, and that suits just as well in my food bag. 

Backpacking cooking gears – A sharp knife

Its kind of small that makes a huge difference to me if I wanted a knife and so I got this one, its the Gerber paraframe mini tanto. Its a 2-inch blade on this very sharp check, and its got a clip-on it locks out, which was quite affordable at towns sporting goods store. And thats very sharp. A paper look at just razor-sharp. 

So thats going to work well. Some cooking and its really lightweight locks out, so it fits perfectly into my kitchen kit so some good little stuff is kept okay. 

Backpacking cooking gears – GSI Outdoor camper cookset:

Heres my new cook setup. Its GSI glacier. This worked well for me. Its slightly smaller. It has this little frying pan that folds out like I made some changes to it. I added my collapsible drinking cup and my own nice lighter mug. I like these things so Ill put them in my new cook set and well have a nice little plate. So Ill bring that over as well, so thats what Im going to switch out for the mallow. 

I got this for 2495 online. I saw it as low as 1995, and I thought 2995 of someone. Thats a baker power look; its pretty cool. I like the beefy nest with the handles right here. Very nicely with this little frying pan, check that outlook and dont flop around thats pretty stable. The ten-piece set includes the carry case frying pan as well as a ladle check here to boop a wooden bamboo spatula. Im going to hold that Im going to swap out a few cups here for oatmeal cereal soup stuff like that and metal spork. Such a bunch of accessories.

What Im going to do is switch this up well. This is the main reason I got this and the frying pan, and Im going to keep the bamboo. I believe its bamboo, maybe. Its a wooden spatula. I think Im going to give up on the spoon here because that just popped out there. I think Ill keep that with my first kit. 

Here well start with the main pot, add the plate from the old collection put it in. And get the coffee mug in the middle. And then well start with the pocket rockets that were heading so far in there. So good and lets get the collapsible cup in there we re going, and Im going to hold this little ladle for right now this pops out, making a comfortable little ladle.

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Well see how that works. We can also adjust to take that out later, add the lighter and the salt and pepper shaker inside the coffee cup, as well as my knife and the wooden spatula there, put it in here and the spork can go right there to look at it nicely, and the scrubber can fit over here. Then put the top on, and that fits nicely to look at adding this back in here as I said I got my new frying pan from this top skillet.

Backpacking cooking gears – Bison rolling grill:

So now the pack is ready. But I also have another thing I want to show you if you ever want to grill backcountry. The bison rolling grill came in this nice little package. 

It literally rolls up so it is really compact. My dream grill right there. And you take and slide these supports. This only weighs 12 pounds. Its not all the time really important. But if I want to make a steak or have a chicken or a piece of salmon, perhaps catch a trout down here with that fun youve got your own little thrill. These go inside your firepit into the ground like this. Put one on each side and just put it on top of it, and you got yourself. A cool barbecue. 

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